Introducing Larry Lowenthal,
an  Expert Witness & Florida Realtor

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Learn about Larry Lowenthal, a Realtor and Florida Real Estate Expert Witness in lawsuits involving the conduct of real estate brokers in several states. 
Disputes include failure to disclose latent defects, commission disputes (including determining procuring cause), negligence,  dishonesty, violations of state law, and breaches of the Realtor Code of Ethics.

Although Larry has a Florida Real Estate Broker's license,  he is now mostly retired from the daily business of general real estate, which has to do with helping sellers and buyers of real property.  However, he still remains active with his Board of Realtors, and is retained as an expert witness and forensic Realtor /broker in legal matters where a real estate broker is named as a party to a lawsuit for damages. 

Expert Witness  Larry is typically called upon to provide expert litigation services in lawsuits and claims involving Real Estate brokers and agents. Issues addressed include Realtor Ethics, standard of care, allegations of misconduct, negligence, concealment, unfair dealings, malpractice, procuring cause ("who earned the commission?"), and related issues.  In some cases, Larry works with attorneys whose clients may have been injured by careless or greedy licensees, and in others, with insurance defense attorneys defending Realtors or brokers who are being unjustly accused.  

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